The company

Our company, which was founded in 2019, specialises in the sale of cheese specialities.
In addition, we also offer stalls with drinks, cheese rolls and other small snacks.
We travel to selected trade fairs and markets throughout Austria and Germany.

to the products

Our products

Our range consists of classic as well as special and unusual cheeses with a unique taste.
Our colourful cheeses in red, green, orange and blue are particularly popular!
Of course, our products place the highest value on quality!

You just have to order and enjoy

Our stand

Since our customers should feel comfortable with us, our stalls are lovingly decorated in a rustic and regional style and on various occasions.
Of course, we offer tastings of all cheeses at the stand. There are also tips on storage, consumption recommendations and recipe ideas.
In order to inspire our customers, there are also always interesting
Offers and promotions!